Telling a Story
With Lens and Pen

Brad Fransen
Marketing Professional

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 Gig Harbor, Washington, my home, provides a backdrop to my work and life. The working waterfront is full of watercraft from kayaks to the commercial fishing fleet.
I am inspired by the waterfront’s vibrance and beauty.  The community is tight knit where small town farmers markets, holiday celebrations, concerts and community fun runs are regularly scheduled. Drunken brawls between fishermen are common as well. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work from my home for the last two years. I’ve gotten to know our two dogs quite well. When I am not letting them in and out the door, my daily job leverages my diverse skill set in eCommerce, project management, website design, writing and photography.  

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My Work Design and Inspiration

I’ve been actively working in marketing for several years. During that time, I have developed a diverse skill set.  

• eCommerce    • CRM   • Digital Library    • Metrics  •Social Media     
• Product Photography & Videography    •Design   • SEO    • SEM/PPC Campaigns     
• Kiosk and POS systems    • Website Design and Development     
• Digital and Printed Marketing Collateral     •Copywriting   • Staffing and Management     
• Press Releases    • Campaign Strategy    • Agency Management   • Sales & Marketing Integration and Training  

Below is a sampling of some of my work: 

Business Recommendations

  • Strategic and Pragmatic

    Strategic and Pragmatic

    We had the pleasure of working with Brad to create a new logo and marketing plan for Continental Van Lines. Brad is strategic and pragmatic, a terrific listener, and full of ideas. He is a real people person. I also appreciated his attention to detail.

    Ken Saunderson
    Owner and CEO
    Saunderson Marketing Group
  • Organized and Hardworking

    Organized and Hardworking

    Sales works very closely with marketing. In addition to his marketing role, Brad is doing  project managing as the company gets ready to introduce a new product line.
    I find Brad to be very organized, very hard working, and he brings a totally new perspective to our business. I am very happy with his performance and what he adds to the Sound Sleep team.

    Dave Puterbaugh
    Sales Manager
    Sound Sleep Products
  • Knowledgable and Creative

    Knowledgable and Creative

    I worked with Brad and helped train him when he first started. He learns very quickly. His marketing knowledge and creativity were a great asset to our sales team. He has great leadership skills and follows through on all aspects of the projects he worked on for our company.

    Leslie Williams
    National Account Manager
    Scheig Associates
  • A Valued Partner

    A Valued Partner

    I worked for many years with Brad. He worked with a partner moving company where we had similar positions. I always found Brad great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and personable. He had a great grasp on the people side of our business. He was always one of my favorite people to associate with and I valued his opinions as much as from anybody else that I partnered with.

    Rick Dircks
    Executive Vice President
    Dircks Moving and Logistics

Photography A fleeting moment caught in time

My love affair with photography started when my Grandmother gave me a small box camera–the one with the big flash reflector and bulb (that’s before digital and electronic flash if you are confused). I began to enjoy writing at the same time.

During recent trip to New York, I visited Chelsey market, a historic landmark converted to a mall. It is now filled with quaint retails shops. There is a daily bustling crowd. As I passed a long hallway, I caught the eye of a man tending his shoe shine stand. I took a photo. For me, In one simple image, I captured the essence of New York. The photo alone tells a wonderful story.

View some of my professional photography:

National Geographic here
Flickr  here
Or for Purchase here

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